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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2004|08:25 pm]
[Current Mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[Current Music |K.U.K.L.]

Wow...it's certainly been ages since i've updated. why do i neglect my journal? i suppose it's because i'm bored of how it looks and there's too much to say that goes on in my mind. Goodness!! i don't even have an icon to represent this journal of mine, poor thing. well to update ya'll with what's been going on in my life, i have to say not much has happened. I haven't been to a show in so long, hopefully in January there will be something to look forward to. As for boys...*sigh* they come and go, there always seems to be flaws with whoever i encounter. oh well...suck it up. I've lately been addicted to ebay like never before. just the thought of hoping that your package will arrive is like christmas morning. One of the biggest news yet...i have interest in cooking now. Just today my friends and i made yummy sushi, it nearly took 4-5 hours to make, but hey it was worth it because when we sat on our toosh, we chowed down like never before and treated ourselves to an ichiban at home. Well i think i'm done for today. maybe i'll write another entry soon...depends...does anyone want to fix my page? maybe this will motivate me to write in my page. alrighty then i'm out!
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I LOST MY HALF!! [Sep. 5th, 2004|10:55 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I'm back! Got my computer fixed for the 4th time already...

Yeah, started training at Jamba Juice, the one opening at the Chula Vista center on Wednesday! BIG NEWS: Tuesday from
6-8p.m. Jamba Juice will be giving out free smoothies for 2 hours! Don't miss it! We'll be giving out the "Original" size cups, the 24 oz. Don't miss it!

Yeah, i lost my half. I feel lost!!!! My asian cousin from italy is gone and i feel like im missing a big part of me right now. it was nice hanging with her, just like old times. I'll post pictures later as soon as i get them.

Work and school sucks. i feel soo distant now....i want to go to porkeez already! it sucks ass cuz something's always happening when i want to go. ahh shit....oh well...

Well that's it for now. i'll go off and listen to medulla now...the end!
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The continuation in Frisco/ Vallejo [Aug. 13th, 2004|12:55 pm]
[Current Mood |nauseatednauseated]
[Current Music |Bjork- unison]

*hanged out with former asian gangsta* *Woke up late* *drove to san Jose* * wasted 3 hours* *went to the city in Frisco* *Toured nearly every part of the city in 6 hours* *Saw rats, mice, deers, racoons, cows, and horses* Ate under the sea in the jungle* * went to bed* * woke up* *drove to the city one last time and took pictures* * one hella ride back home...drama* *drove for 4 hours* came home* glad to be in my bed*

overall...i enjoyed my trip in san Francisco and i can't wait to go to school there! UCSF Medical School here i come!! Any one wants to be my room mate?
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Vallejo / San Francisco [Aug. 8th, 2004|12:24 am]
[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[Current Music |...i like it like that...slow motion for me...]

Left at 8 p.m.* passed by the slaughter house* Smelled cow crap* saw 2 shooting stars* 2 helicopters land beside our vehicle* found the big dipper* encountered a man who lost his batteries from his car* observed at 3 a.m. that zombies do exist at the am pm.* some people run weird..* arrived vallejo at 4:30 a.m.
startled by a screaming 4 year old, saying "WAKE UP!"* ate meat in the morning (unusual)* met a man who says "Fuck" every 5 seconds* went to the city in Frisco* Hang out in the foggy section* Stuck in traffic for an hour* back to Vallejo* Got 6 mosquito bites* swelled up* Good night* ~ to be continued....~

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Amore [Jul. 28th, 2004|11:33 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |deftones]

Comic-con is over. Those 4 days at the convention were Really something. Bought some cool toys that i'm itchy to play with! saw some hot celebs! Hung out with great people! Hopefully next year will be really good. Kaitlin, Melissa and Andrea are back in town. Welcome back! Yeah, i don't know what to do now. Comic-con is over, there's no more big event to look forward to except for school. I feel bored of life right now. Today i saw "The Notebook" with my cousin, it was actually ok. I'm normally not into the love films but this movie made me grin. It was cute. The main guy Noah was a heart throbing country boy. It made me want to fall in love and find a Noah out there. It wasn't the looks that attracted me (well... the guy is cute), it was Noah's personality.The humor, playfullness, determination, the things he said, the affection and tenderness that he showed. Is there really someone like that? Well if there is, they must be RARE! I mean, even when this guy is mad, he's still sweet and sincere. You just wanna grab this guys face and give him a wet kiss! The movie wasn't really that great though (my opinion), but the story and the flashbacks were lovely. *sigh* Amore...
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Music to my ears... [Jul. 17th, 2004|10:32 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |"Like The Exorcist, But More Breakdancing"]

So yesterday was nice and sandy. Hung out at the Silver Strand Beach where many hilltop kids were chillin havin' a BBQ. Thanks for the invite Ash, it was fun! That was the first time i laid my toes in the sand all summer. And not to mention, i got darker...again...but hai, anyways! as Andrea would say. Next week Andrea comes back! whoopy! But yeah...the beach was not all, I went to a lovely show at the Epicenter with the one and only BrIan KAne! I would say that last nights show was the best I've seen since The Mars Volta (but that doesn't count). All the bands were amazing! Paris, Texas were rad! They definitely had the old Rock n Roll spice in them. me like! Communique, they were astounding! As for Murder BY Death, who we particularly went to see was breath taking! I got goose bumps from their performance. The chick playing the cello had this crazy body movement while playing, and the pianist really worked those fingers! As for the singer/guitarist and drummer, they played their hearts out, and they did one hell of a job! Just beautiful! I'm just glad i finally got to see them. Their peformance just ended my night, i wasn't in the mood to see the band headlining. These Arms Are Snakes headlined and i stayed to watch 3 songs. They were good too. My night ended well, thanks BK. Next big thing to look forward to....COMIC-CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay! [Jul. 15th, 2004|11:05 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Interpol]

*sigh* summer...these past 4 days have been good to me. I am pleased. Monday was Dude's 18th birthday, wuuu! May he have an incredible year as an adult. The kids all went swimming, for about 2 hours or so, well it seemed that long to me at least. Ate yummy cake made by Martha listened to great music played by Alex, Mark, and Gabe. Free balled it with the girls *tee hee* and there was my day. Tuesday was a blast! My mom was being a biatch and wouldn't let me do anything but clean. That afternoon I got a pleasant phone call from Brian inviting me to the Rooney show at Soma. But of course we didn't go there to see Rooney, we were there for the one and only Ozma! It was rad. Apparently there was a lot of short people, mostly chicks, so i had a great view and i didn't have to eat hair or smell sweaty pits. *ewww*. We didn't see Rooney play, we wanted to have that amazing "oh my god" feeling after seeing Ozma.That night ended well, we said our good byes to the band and took off with the wind blowing through our hair. Wednesday, I chilled with BrIan kANe! *whoop* *whoop*. Bk chillin with the flip side, o0oh yaa! As for today, I got to hang out crazybee lew. We went swimming, got dark, played ruff, killed some bugs! We sure showed them who's boss!! GRRRAAARRR!!! We also saw some tired faces stop by; Nicky and Bk RIDING their bikes from Chula Vista. What a work out! Later that night, lew and I took a stroll to Spring Valley to see Davy, fun Fun FUN! By then our day was over, and here i am now, typing. Well i think it's time to go mimi. hopefully i'll have a good dream tonight! Mimi time.
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My Da Da [Jul. 11th, 2004|11:48 pm]
Lately I've been feeling...bleh. All I've been wanting to do is to just keep to myself. I love hanging out with people, so i don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I'm mixed in my feelings right now, I'll sleep on it. Today was a lovely day. My oldest sister Lani had her Vietnamese boyfriend come over and we all had "special" quality time together like the Brady Bunch. It was tight cause i ended up getting a pearl thai iced tea drink a.k.a BOBA!!!! o0o0o0h!!! Then they had their time together, while i had my time with crazybee Lew, David and his friends. I had a lot of fun, they're swell lads. Towards the middle of the day, i got a pleasant phone call from Mr. Kane-kun greeting me from his arrival from Mexico. To bad the Mother would not let me hang.It's ok, there's always tomorrow. Towards the end of the night i chilled with my Da Da, Felisa. Man, i had a great time. I haven't seen her in forever!! Well apparently it's a sunday, driving between the hours of 9:00-11:30 p.m. and yeah....everything's closed! So we chilled at Seaport Village, where we had a romantic walk next to the fishy section of the bay! Hah, oh boy! Someone's mama smelled like fish. Well, to get away from the odor, we went to the Hyatt where we went to the top floor to get a glimpse of the view. It was sick, I've never done such a thing. We also decided to check out the planes land, and yeah...we didn't really get an excitement off of it...well i didn't! No Wayne's world spoof of for me :(. Well that pretty much sums up the night. I had to be home by 11:30, but all in all, i enjoyed my day. I Reunited with some great looking faces that made me feel in place. Great day. Good night!
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I should have listened to Mr. Wood! [Jul. 6th, 2004|08:12 pm]
Another beautiful day, and another attempt for me to escape from the sun so i wont get crispy brown. Today was fun. I chilled with lewis, that crazybee. We went job hunting, pretty much all the places aren't hiring. Ate great food, met some familiar faces, met up with Ash and her folks, and chilled afterwards. It was all fun. Hopefully me and lewis can get a job sometime and start making the cash! rolling the doughhs, yeah you know what i'm sayin!
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The Mars Volta Biatch! [May. 8th, 2004|08:47 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Breath without an Answer...]

Alas, I've finally decided to write in my live journal. I chose not to write because I hardly have anything worth writing about. Well after months of having this journal, it's fucking time. sigh* THE MARS VOLTA... and it was the best! My papadiddypapa drove my ass, along with Nicky, Melissa and Lewis to Los Angeles. I didn't think the plan would work out so well, but apparently it did. We arrived at the Wiltern. Man o man, let me tell you, this place was awesome. The theatre is beautiful and it wasn't what i expected. Thank you lewis and nicky for getting me and melissa to the floor. It was grand of you guys. About 2 hours of singing and dancing to cedrics vocal chords and the bands rhythmic sounds, it was thrilling and indescribable.I've never been in a crowd full of polite people. After it was over, we decided to eat at "B" rated Dennys, it was alright. Lewis kept telling us to leave and go outside, and im glad we listened cause we got to meet the band again. Omar remembered us and i finally got to talk to cedric and shake his hands. It was the best, although it's over, it's not the end. After watching Omar and cedric drive off, my aunt picked us up and we spent the night at long beach. Coed sleep over haha and it was my first sleep over i've ever had. It was all too fun. Soon after little hours of sleep we took off to the greyhound and drove off to San Diego.Before arriving home all stinky and dirty we had a grand lunch and took off in the trolley bidding our good byes as we depart heading home. Until now i'm still overwhelmed of what happened and i'm glad it all happened. shit like this is rare for me and man o man, what an experience! Thanks to all who made it happen.
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